October 31, 2005

Dual Blogs

I've set up another blog, which will eventually take the place of this one. It can be found here. After I migrate links and such to the prop21 site I'll delete this one.

Consider yourself informed!

October 11, 2005


Sam tagged me and with great timing-our internet service started last night.

List 5 things people might not know about you

1. At this point, I will never buy another item from Sears.
2. Owning a home makes me miss my dad; I feel like I have no one to ask advice from when home-improvment issues arise
3. I am secretly, a very jealous person.
4. I am also secretly very competitive.
5. I am ashamed that I play video games almost every night, yet I do very little about it.

September 13, 2005


It is such a helpful thing. Recently, I took a 'predictive index' which is like a personality test, but it came with an explanation of the results. Used accordingly, it lets you know what you do well with little or no effort and what you do well with a bit more. I found it interesting because I want know the why behind my personality. While I am generally please with how I've turned out, there are particular aspect of myself I'd like to change. The hardest part is discovering why A leads to B. For me, this test helped lift the veil on some issues.

Other times, you just need 5 minutes to ignore why you are mad/frustrated and figure out the why behind what offended you. It's important because we all get mad at those we love and great relationship can be damaged when we don't stop and analyze our reactions. In doing this, I have found that I am able to have conversations that avoid finger pointing. Instead, they lead to an explanation of why and how I responded to what was said/done. Hoping, that the next time such a situation arises the other will know why responding one way is better than another.
Also, apologies all around help.

Just like we learned as kids, 'knowing is half the battle'.

September 07, 2005

Gas Pains

$45.00 for 14 gallons of gas. I drove my car until the gas gage bottomed out. It's more than twice what I remember paying for gas in a less crisis-filled time. If relief doesn't come soon, I'll be taking public transportation to work. Fortunately this is a more viable option for me than for the wife. Every little bit helps with the household bottom line. Plus I'll be getting additional cardio exercise.

September 06, 2005

What To Say

What is there to say about the tragedy in the gulf that hasn't already been said? Yet, as the communication infrastructure in that area is coerced back online, more and more horrific stories add to an already sickening portrait.

The human factor from this disaster has many threads and is covered endlessly by prime time news - and rightly so. Another thread is this and this - which is an additional tragedy for both their owners and the animals themselves.

If you are planning on donating money towards this disaster, take a moment and consider giving to the ASPCA relief program. If that is not of interest to you, then also consider the Red Cross.

August 30, 2005

Pre-game Action

The wife got us great pre-season tickets to two Washington Redskins' games. The seats were stellar and it was exciting to watch the game in the stadium rather than on tv. Of the two games, the one against the Steelers was the more exciting as the play was the most consistent, keeping the score the close.
Last Friday's game was bittersweet, as it will be the last game I'll attend this season. That is, unless, the football gremlin puts some tickets under my pillow. C'mon football gremlin!
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August 25, 2005

High Speed

Things on really on fire. Deadlines at work are moving at an incredible pace. Things are coming and going so fast that the project I worked as a cameraman on Monday has shipped to the client. The results was a standing ovation from them, which the business office shared with the company this morning. When the announcement was over, I turned to a co-worked and asked what project that was only then to learn that I was a part of it. Crazy.

The pace at home isn't much of a relief. Sure, I can kick back, but I got used to the wife taking care of the house chores since she is on summer break. Now that she is visiting friends in Texas I'm finding my usual serene recreation schedule cluttered with chores and such. No fun.

Still, I'm rather proud of the creative work I've accomplished this week. Which probably makes me lame for saying it out loud.